Suasum is a relatively brand new company, composed nevertheless by professionals with a huge experience and knowledge about systems and processes that support the business production.


Our skill in computer science covers from highest traditional 370 mainframes to the heterogeneous distributed environments.


Our job has been always focused to understand the needs of out clients in order to propose and implement solutions to help them to solve the production needs of computer systems in these complex environments.


Due this knowledge and experience in the different and vast platforms and technologies, we are qualified enough for:


1. To listen our clients and to understand their needs for different areas of business,

2. To build and propose our clients the most appropriated and efficient solutions based mainly on the best software.

3. And finally to develop, implement and to support these software based  solutions, transmitting to our client the proper knowledge to be able to  use and improve it efficiently.


This "adviser" vocation has been developed and consolidated along more than 25 years of experience of our work in the most representative multinationals and professional Services companies, such as Computer associates, T&G, Legent, Platinum, BMC, Help System, Compuware, Selesta, IPM and some other national and international companies, working for the most important companies mainly in Spain and Portugal (Finances, Retailers, Industry, Government, etc.).


All this effort is made with the commitment  to develop business that must be satisfactory and productive enough for our clients and ourselves.

Who we are?


Commitment with business processes!